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Advanced electrochemical cell and membrane module technology

Hydron Energy manufactures advanced electrochemical cell and membrane module technology for electrolysis processes based on polymer electrolyte membranes. Currently Hydron Energy offers a range of cutting edge PEMWE stack platforms that can be tailored to specific customer needs.


The EL10 is multi versatile single cell electrolyser stack featuring an active area of 10 cm2. This stack platform is specifically designed for research and development on materials for electrolysis processes such as membranes, catalysts and electrodes.


The EL25 is a high performance single/multi-cell cell electrolyser stack featuring an active area of 25 cm2 for materials R&D and small capacity electrolysis systems. The platform integrates an internal thermal conditioning loop for optimum temperature control. The EL25 boasts high discharge pressure, a wide operating range and high conversion efficiency.


The EL100 is Hydron’s reliable workhorse electrolyser platform. This electrolyser stack features a cell active area of 100 cm2. The stack can facilitate high current densities. The integrated liquid thermal management loop, various bores for sensor probes combined with the industrial architecture makes it an ideal solution for small/medium scale hydrogen production systems.


Hydron’s largest capacity stack is the EL500, which features a cell active area of 500 cm2. This robust platform is the building block for intermediate range hydrogen production systems with a nominal capacity of 1 kg/hr.

Custom electrochemical membrane modules

Because the modular cell and stack architecture, Hydron’s membrane module platforms can be adopted to accommodate other electrochemical processes such as CO2 reduction, electrodialysis, capacitive deionisation, flow batteries and other electrosynthesis processes.

By carefully selecting the catalysts, cell materials and membrane systems innovative electrochemical processes can be developed.

Please inquire about the possibilities.

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