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Reliable equipment for efficient hydrogen production

Hydron Energy has developed innovative low cost and high efficiency water electrolysis stack technology for various applications. The modular and multi‐versatile design of the technology enables facile integration into efficient hydrogen production systems. Flow, discharge pressure and operating temperature can be tuned in order to comply with the specifications of the application. Due to the application of flexible and modular technology ‘building blocks’, any requirement with respect to capacity can be met: from several Watt to Megawatt scale.

Engineers at Hydron Energy, together with specialized strategic partners, design, develop and manufacture hydrogen energy solutions for several markets:

  • On-site hydrogen production: installations for industrial applications
  • Mobility: hydrogen filling stations for fuel cell electric mobility
  • Large scale renewable energy storage solutions: power-to-gas installations
  • Process enhancement: biogas upgrade and ICE combustion optimisation systems
  • Off-grid power: autonomous renewable energy systems
  • Advanced life support systems: high purity gas production for aerospace applications


Please inquire what we could offer for your product or project!

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