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Who we are

Hydron Energy is a Dutch cleantech company focusing on the development and implementation of innovative renewable energy solutions based on hydrogen production by innovative water electrolysis technology.


Hydron Energy’s mission is to enable and facilitate the large scale implementation of hydrogen technology for residential, mobility and industrial applications. The company is focused on capturing the full potential of hydrogen technology as renewable energy carrier by offering innovative solutions for production of hydrogen by the electrolysis process. The company’s product portfolio features a range of advanced electrochemical membrane cell modules (a.k.a. electrolyser stacks) for the hydrogen production.

Research driven innovation

Hydron’s team consists of multi-disciplinary engineers with a proven track record in development of innovative sustainable energy technology such as fuel cells, electrochemical hydrogen compressors and electrolysers. The company has dedicated R&D and advanced manufacturing facilities for the serial production of electrochemical membrane modules (stacks).

Open innovation

Hydron has an extensive international network in the hydrogen industry, ranging from specialized contractors, to knowledge institutes and strategic stakeholders in the energy domain.

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